Adam Bosnjakovic

Chief Technology Officer Experience Digital

Adam Bosnjakovic

Who am I?

Currently working on

The 9 till 5 project @ Experience Digital

What I use


  • The blazingly 🔥 fast Neovim editor with some notable Lazy extensions that make it a personal development environment include

  • language native LSP support and Mason which can quickly manage them in addition to Linters, Debug adapters and formatters.

  • debugging via nvim-dap and nvim-dap-ui with some fancy virtual text

  • search and so much more via Telescope with a special mention to my harpooning friend


  • Kitty a fast, feature-rich, GPU based terminal emulator

  • Tmux terminal multiplexer


Most of the apps I use are web based, but I do have a few desktop apps that I use on a daily basis.

  • Brave because it's the best of the worst for now.
  • Figma mainly for inspecting designs.
  • Slack and Meets for work.
  • Jira and Confluence for project management.

  • Spotify for music.


  • Metabox 20 Intel cores, 64 gigachads of ram 🐏 and 2 terrorbytes of storage 🐙

  • M1 Air a very lovely engineered paperweight right now.


  • DAC was gifted to me and is a M Audio fast track pro

  • An antiquated Sennheiser HD 560s for music

  • Google Pixel Buds for secret meetings
  • Bose QC35 for shooshing


  • My current Kinesis Advantage 360 has been amazing

  • A Sofle I made during the first lockdown and it got me into splits